SICFIT Scottsdale Supports McKenzie Jackson

SICFIT Ambassador and Pro Golfer Dreams of the LPGA!

All sorts of Athletes come to SICFIT for the strength in conditioning they need to propel them to the top of their game. Sometimes though, these ¬†pros need more than physical strength to reach their goals — they also need the strength from their community to support them. SICFIT Scottsdale has the opportunity to help one of our very own athletes achieve her dream of earning a spot on the Ladies Pro Golf Association (LPGA)! Mckenzie Jackson is a SICFIT Ambassador and Pro Golfer with a real shot at the LGPA, but she needs our help! Below is her message to her supporters and our community:


Hi everyone, just an update on where my professional golf career is headed for 2014. I just finished my second season as a professional golfer, and boy was it tough. In golf, as well as life, we have ups and downs. Well, right now I have hit the bottom. To play on tour, live and cover all of my expenses costs $50,000. For the past two years, I have had the help of a big sponsor, who paid half of my expenses. ($25,000). He recently decided to end his contribution for my career. This is tough to take in, because I know what it takes to make it on the LPGA, and I have it! A realistic time frame to make it on tour is 3-5 years. The 2014 season will be the start of my 3rd year on tour. I don’t want the reason I give up on my dream to be because of money. I’ve already had 6 friends end their careers because they didn’t have enough money to play. I CANNOT let that happen to me.. I would regret it for the rest of my life. I am at the point where I need a lot of financial support. Any type of donation will help me. Asking for money isn’t the easiest thing, but I NEED it to prolong my golf career. Whether it’s 50 dollars you can contribute, or 500. I need your help!¬†

To help raise some of this $50,000, I am hosting a charity golf event January 26th 2014. There isn’t any football on that day, just so everyone knows! I am seeking players, hole sponsors, and donations. I need to make a big dent in the $50,000 to get my season started in February. Some of the proceeds I raise will go towards the Prostate Cancer Society. I lost my grandpa 3 years ago to Prostate Cancer, and I wanted to give back somehow. Help me reach my dream of being on the LPGA ! Thank you for your time!

Let’s help Mckenzie earn that spot she deserves, and show her the strength of our community. Inquire at the gym or email for more information.
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