Measurable Success at SICFIT Scottsdale


Programming for Monday, November 4, 2013

It’s quite easy to fall out of the habit of recording our workouts. But without this valuable data we have one less metric to measure our success by. Sure we can look in the mirror and check in with how we are feeling internally for evidence of the rewards SICFIT Scottsdale has helped us achieve. But why not multiply your sense of accomplishment ten fold by being able to pin point every single PR, every weakness demolished, or even just being able to look back and appreciate all of your hard work each week.

Today’s SICFIT Scottsdale Strength In Conditioning program is a great day to restart that good habit of recording your workouts in your Success Journals.  Make sure you have them by your side in class today, and record every score, weight, miss, make, and PR. Your future self will thank you.

CrossFit Scottsdale Success Journal 4.0

20 Minutes to establish heavy front squat
15 Minutes to establish heavy deadlift
10 Minutes to establish a heavy strict press
05 Minutes in plank position