Max Effort Rest


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sometimes the key to a workout is in the rest. How quickly are you able to slow your heart rate and relax your nervous system? How well equipped is your body to refuel your fatigued muscles in only a few moments? As our bodies grow stronger, faster, and fitter they also increase their capacity to recover quickly and effectively. Just as much as today’s WOW is a test of your own max potential, it is equally a test of your body’s capacity to recover.


4 Rounds
Walk/run 50% + Walk/run 80%
Dynamic movement + plyometricss
Max push ups unbroken (NFL rules: no knees or elbows touch ground)
3 Minute rest
Max single jump ropes in 5 minutes (no double unders)
3 Minute rest
Max push up plank (no butts, knees, or elbows touch ground)
2 Minute rest
800 Meter run
5 Minute rest
150 Sit ups for time (LIFE max in 3 minutes)
3 Minute rest
Max air squat in 2 minutes
1 Minute rest
Max air squat 1 minute
5 Minute rest
750 Meter row

Stretch of the Week