Marathon Training – Week 1 Reflection

.Nick Zambruno of CrossFit Scottsdale
Twelve weeks out, that is all of the time we have to prepare. In January Coach Luke and I will be running the PF Chang’s Full Marathon. This entry is a reflection of our first week of training, which ended Saturday, October 26. (Stay tuned each week for an update.) So what did we concentrate on during this first week? The traditional endurance model has been:

1. Volume
2. Intensity
3. Skill

You would run as many miles possible during the week, upping that number every week. After several weeks you add in some speed work. And then when you burn out and start getting injured it may be time to look at your running skill. That model does work and it has for a very long time. It also worked for me when I first started running a long time ago. It then stopped working after all kinds of injuries started happening in my legs. The model had to change.

1. Skill
2. Intensity
3. Volume

During our first training week we began drilling the techniques of POSE running, emphasizing skill above all else. We followed up those drills with sprints. Why sprints? Well, the central nervous system responds and adapts more readily during brief periods of intensity, not volume. Finally, to conclude the first week we ran a 5k Time Trial. This gave us a small volume increase to the work we had done prior in the week, and set a marker to revisit later.

By following this model we develop a strong running suspension and then apply the benefits of that suspension to higher mileage workouts. If you are interested in learning more on functional endurance training contact me, Coach Sean at And come run with us sometime; join the SICFIT Scottsdale running club SICFEET.