Exclusive Coaching Client Michael Fischer


If you ever had the pleasure of working out along side Michael Fischer you’ve seen the level of intensity he puts into a workout. Whether it’s my Endurance class or exclusive one-on-one performance training, Mike is a shining example of 100% effort.

     I meet with Mike twice a week with the goal of increasing his work capacity and in the past few months that is exactly what we have accomplished. Mike possesses a high level of mental toughness, a rare quality I look for in each of my students. This toughness allows me the freedom to be creative with his personalized training regimen, making it increasingly effective week by week. The initial phase of Mike’s training was designed to increase broad power and strength.

Here are a few of Mike’s recent evolutions:

-Strict Press 145# overhead—That’s a 50# P.R.

-Increased power clean by 30 additional pounds (previously a two year plateau)

-Completely rebuilt core stability, aiding in increased lift and press movements.

-Faster/more effective cardiovascular responses to both endurance and explosive workouts.

   Mike is now in the second phase of his exclusive performance training, armed with a new nutrition and training plan. Together we increased his strength, now it’s our goal to make him lean and mean.  I am excited to see what new level of fitness Mike will reach before the year is over!


The most important reps are the reps you execute AFTER it begins to burn- find the edge of your comfort zone and THEN keep pushing.

Mike, it is evident you have taken this to heart and I want to thank you for it. Way to always give 100%. –Coach Tony.