Thriving to Adapt

Programming for Thursday October 17, 2013

SICFIT Ambassador and adaptive athlete,¬†Steph Hammerman, takes functional fitness to the next level with her ‘won’t-take-no-for-an-asnwer,’ and ‘can’t-stop-won’t-stop’ attitude. As an athlete living and thriving with Cerebral Palsy, Steph has worked with coaches all over the country to learn how to make functional fitness functional for her and other adaptive athletes. Come be enlightened first hand by Steph’s inspiring story and philosophy today at the 9:30am class at SICFIT Scottsdale.


Row + run + bike
10 Push ups + sit ups + air squats
Rope climb/rope squat
Handstand pushup/pushup
3 Rounds | 10 minute time cap
50 sit ups + 50 double unders (or x3 singles)