See You in Hell


Programming for Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween SICFITers! Though this night is typically thought of as an evening of hellish activities, ghosts and goblins aren’t exactly the kind of hell that scares us straight at SICFIT Scottsdale. Nope, we’re a little more likely to feel the rush of fear in the face of an entire nights worth of demanding, gut-wrenching physical challenges. But that fear is enticing — we want to unmask it’s mystery and conquer it! Well your chance to spend the night in hell and (maybe) live to tell about it is coming up November, 22 at SICFIT Scottsdale’s Hell Night!  Check out this blog for more details and sign up here or at the gym!


Snatch progression DL
12 Minute EMOM
Odd minute: 3 tough power snatch
Even Minute: 7 burpee box jump/burpee step up
7 Rounds
Life: 7 Power snatch 55/35 + 30 single unders
FITness: 7 Power snatch 75/55 + 21 double unders
Sport:  7 Power snatch 95/65  + 21x double unders