Focused Adaptation


Programming for Friday, October 10, 2013

Adapt: To transform to better meet the demands of an environment or task.

We all have experienced our own adaptations at SICFIT Scottsdale. In fact, all of functional fitness can be considered a focused effort in adapting to the demands of life. Being able to adapt to any task and apply the principles of functionality to achieve the most effective results is the true test of fitness. Here to show us what adapting is all about, adaptive athlete and SICFIT Ambassador, Steph Hammerman will be guest coaching the 9:30am class on October 17th. Come let Steph teach you the importance of adaptation with her straight and to the point philosphy: Adapt or Die!

Partner stretch + foam roll + bands
50 Burpees
75 Flutter kicks
100 Push ups
150 Sit ups
LIFE: 30 Seconds work, 30 seconds rest for 12 minutes
1k Row