Athlete of the Month: Exclusive Coaching Client Valerie Raja

Valerie RajaExclusive coaching client Valerie Raja has been chosen as the SICFIT Scottsdale Athlete of the Month. Valerie is being recognized for her incredible gains in the past few months and consistent attendance and determination both in private training sessions and in Strength in Conditioning classes. Valerie started training privately with the goal of being able to do unbroken unassisted pull ups and passing the SICFIT Scottsdale level testing series. We quickly put a plan and schedule in place to get her stronger, sharpen her skill set and get her more confident with the Olympic lifts. The hardest part was scheduling some built in rest days. If you know Valerie, you know that she doesn’t like to sit still so developing a program with the proper amount of work: rest ratio was a challenge.

 In April, she passed the Level 1 test with a score of 100%. In June, she achieved her pull up goal and with her mother and sister cheering her on she passed the Level 2 test beating out all of the gentleman training alongside her. Valerie has quickly become one of the strongest ‘pound for pound’ females in the gym and I don’t see her slowing down anytime soon.

Here are some benchmark comparisons to show Valerie’s SICcess:

May 2013: Clean & Jerk PR 75#
August 2013: Clean & Jerk PR 95#
October 2013: Clean & Jerk PR 130#

May 2103: Squat Clean PR 80#
June 2013: Squat Clean PR 105#
September 2013: Squat Clean PR 120#

Valerie Raja: SICFIT Scottsdale

Valerie is a friend, wife, full time operating room nurse in Scottsdale and an incredibly committed, disciplined and dedicated athlete.  She has a quite humbleness and presence that makes others take notice. Valerie, thank you for listening to Tony and I when we say to take rest days and for trusting us when we say that patience pays off when it comes to the Olympic lifts. Everyone can learn a lesson from you. I am honored to be your coach.