Air Squats, Wall Balls, and Arithmetic.

Programming for Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today’s workout will challenge you physically, mentally, and arithmetically. This AMRAP requires more than  just keeping track of rounds — it demands multiplication! But don’t worry, no need to whip out the times-table flash cards, we’ll only be working in multiples of three. But don’t be fooled by the simple multiplication, those threes can add up quick in an eight minute AMRAP!
Med ball fun: toss, slam, wall ball, thruster, sit up
Hang power snatch
LIFE: 5×3 hang power snatch progression
FITness + SPORT: Find heavy 3 rep hang power snatch
3-5 Minute walking rest
8 Minute AMRAP
3 Air squats + 3 burpees + 3 wall balls
6 Air squats + 6 burpees + 6 wall balls
9 Air squats + 9 burpees + 9 wall balls
12 Air squats + 12 burpees + 12 wall balls
… and so on by 3s