Functional Advice for Functional Fitness

Programming for Thursday, October 10, 2013

So many modern day tasks assume that humans should be seated while performing them. The two largest culprits… working at a desk and driving a car. While sitting is certainly not all bad, and we definitely need it for rest at times, prolonged sitting has averse effects on our physiology and energy levels. Check out this infographic from the CDC, detailing some recent research findings on prolonged sitting. While there is not much that we can do about the car situation for our long commuters out there, we can make other accommodations to ensure that we stand or walk more often throughout the day. For desk activities, try standing at a tall counter, investing in a standing work station, or placing a small box ontop of your current desk as alternatives. Take this a “step” further and treat yourself to a short walk every hour.

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Dynamic movement, emphasizing mobility
300 Meter run
30 Burpees
300 Meter run
20 Burpees
300 run
20 Power cleans
SPORT: #Bodyweight/ 3/4 bodyweight
20 Deadlift
LIFE: Kettle bell deadlift
FITNESS: #135/95
SPORT: #Bodyweight/ 3/4 bodyweight
20 Pull ups
LIFE: Jumping
FITNESS/SPORT: Bandless kipping
300 Meter run