WOW! Say Goodbye to your Upper Body for the Rest of the Week!


WOW 10 — Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Normally we like to give you a bit of motivation, inspiration, and maybe a pointer or two to help you get through the Wednesday WOW. However, with a stellar performance like the one in this clip, we figured we would let the video speak for itself.

2 Rounds at 50-80%
5-8 Strict pullups
5 Minute rest
Kipping + butterfly pull up
Push up + clapping push up
Max unbroken pull ups
Max unbroken push up
LIFE: Vertical ring row + hand release push up (toes/knees)
FITNESS: Reverse barbell pull up + push up
SPORT: Chest to bar + clapping push up.

Stretch of the Week

After all those push ups we will certainly need this!