Warming Up is the New Black


Programming for Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Warming up is extremely important — it prepares the body for increasingly taxing work, it reestablishes proper motor patterns, and it helps the muscles remember how to be explosive. At SICFIT Scottsdale, our warmups are designed to set you up for success for the remainder of that class. On days like today however, our warmups have different intention — they are designed specifically to give you the following bragging rights:



4 Minute row
3 Minute jump rope
2 Minute run
1 Minute burpee
Power clean progression
Air squat/Pistol
LIFE: 1k Row + 25 air squats + 25 hang cleans +25 air squats
FITNESS: 2k Row + 25 plate air squats + 25 hang cleans + 25 air squats
SPORT: 2k row + 25 pistols + 25 hang cleans