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Programming for Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You give it your all at the gym each week. You come home rocking aching muscles, fresh bruises, and a renewed sense of empowerment. Don’t think its possible to get even more out of this experience of fitness? Think again! Infuse the excitement and passion you feel at SICFIT Scottsdale into the rest of your life by registering at SICFIT.com. Create a personalized profile and use it to track your fitness progress and to share your tips, struggles, and successes with like-minded people.  SICFIT.com is designed to reinforce digitally what you achieve physically!  Create a profile before tomorrow’s WOW and see how you stack up with SICFITters around the world!

Dynamic movement
3 Rounds
2 Minute row/run/jump rope
1 Minute air squat/push up/sit up
30 Seconds burpee, 30 seconds rest
4 Rounds
A1. x10 Tough back squat (30 rest)
A2. x5 Strict chin up  (30 rest)
A3. x8 Strict push up  (2 min rest)
LIFE: Barbell back squat/tempo ring row/tempo push up
FITness: Rx
SPORT: Deficit push up #25/#15 plates

SICFIT presents Melissa Einbinder of CrossFit Scottsdale in the London Throwdown