Snacks: Whole Life Challenge

I get asked all the time what are good snacks to eat? Shouldn’t everyone eat at least five times a day? First, what you eat is far more important than when you eat. If three meals a day drives great results for you then more power to you. However some people just get more hungry during the day then will be quenched by only three meals. So how do you snack?

After trying every terrible protein bar on the market, and eating way too much fruit, it came down to micro meals. Make a large container of some sort of a meal and eat a small quantity when you get hungry. This is my go meal for three reasons:

1. Easy to make

2. Reheats well

3. Filling and healthy


It goes down like this. Get about one or two pounds of grass fed ground beef, then sauté it.   Mmmmm look at that delicious red meat.

 Ground Beef

Mushrooms are awesome, you may not like them, but I do. Leave them out if they are not your favorite.

 Beef with mushrrooms

While you’re cooking that steam some organic broccoli.


For flavor I put a little bit of Sriracha in a bowl and mix it up with some soy sauce. You can find gluten free soy sauce out there.

Sriracha and soy sauce

Take the cooked beef, broccoli, and sauce and throw them into a handy container. Shake it all up. I usually keep this it at work because it is where I get the hungriest. You may want to keep one at home also. It lasts around three days. Whenever you get snacky spoon out a half meal portion, heat it up, and go for it.