SICFIT Scottsdale Present Food as Fuel


Programming for Thursday, September 12, 2013

When conversation turns to nutrition here at SICFIT Scottsdale, you have probably heard words thrown around like, “paleo,” “primal,” and “bacon,”… lots and lots of bacon! Whether you are in the dark about these terms, or your are a paleo-pro, join us tonight at 7:30 for Food as Fuel. We will chat about the basics of the paleo lifestyle, and how this nutrition plan can help you achieve the goals you have for yourself. Use this free class to kickstart or reinvigorate your commitment to the dietary component of your fitness and wellbeing!


LIFE: 8-10
SPORT: 3×5
45 Second max hand release push up, 2 minute rest, 3 rounds
Lunge 50 steps + 5 burpees, 3 rounds
5 Deadlift + 21 double unders, 5 rounds
LIFE: Single jumps
FITNESS: 185/105, Double unders
SPORT 295/185, Double unders