You Wanted a Change…

“When I started the program, I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew I needed some change. I knew I couldn’t see the changes I wanted over night, but I had reached rock bottom. I took things one day at a time prior to this program, starting by cutting out fast food, eating less carbs, and joining a gym for some exercise. When I decided to try the program, the first phase was much easier than I imagined and I still began to lose weight. The second phase kicked in high gear combined with joining CrossFit Scottsdale, I was shredding body fat faster than I imagined. The third phase began and before I knew it my body was already adapting and burning fat on its own, seemingly jump-starting my metabolism into overdrive. I feel healthy again and rediscovered my passion for a healthy lifestyle. The program reminded me that healthy living is not dieting, it’s a lifestyle change.”


The picture is from late march to late June, 3 months, just over 90 days. 


Started at 215 lbs at 23% body fat

Shown at 195 at 15% body fat, 20 pound reduction


-Mike Sotak


You wanted a change. Whether you wanted to get off the couch or string 30 muscle ups together you wanted a change. That is what brought you through the door the first time you entered CrossFit Scottsdale. Now is your chance to take the next step of success.


Mike’s success was derived from following a plan. That plan follows a three phase program. Not only is it a reprogramming of your bio-chemistry, but a creation of new habits. It is not the lack of knowledge that holds us back from fitness success, it is incorrect implantation.


Your success is what you practice, not what you know. Perfect practice makes perfect.

(***Secret – the plans you follow build your habits. Your habits breed your results***)

Step 1:

Join the Whole Life Challenge.

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Step 2:

Sign up for the Advanced Nutrition Tactics Seminar at CrossFit Scottsdale

Learn your plan

Step 3:

Execute your plan, Reap the Rewards

We start on September 7th (Kickoff meeting is the 3rd)

Sign up now to Jet-pack your desires into realities.

Join the Whole Life Challenge.

Enter the Code: WLCRYGYYdJtK