Testing, Stretching, and Flexing with SICFIT and FlexibilityRX


Programming for Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another week of successful and dedicated training means only one thing — it’s time to test! For this workout, it is not enough to do hang power cleans for five minutes straight. ┬áNope, in order for those hang cleans to count towards your score, they will need to be done in unbroken sets of five. Keep you grip strong, your core tight, and your timing consistent! Good luck athletes!




5 minutes to complete as many sets of x5 unbroken hang power cleans
*Unfinished sets do not count for score
LIFE: #65/45
FITNESS: #95/65
SPORT: #155/95

After a WOW like this, your body could use some extra TLC. Keep an eye out for these Stretch Comic Weeklies, brought to you straight from FlexibilityRX. Not only will they help you recover, but they help you mobilize so that you are better prepared for future WOW tests. This stretch sequence will make those uncomfortable overhead positions more accessible.