SICFIT Trifecta


Programming for Friday, August 30, 2013

Today’s conditioning program is a SICFIT style triathlon of sorts, with three speed and endurance-based tasks to be completed. ¬†Unlike a triathlon however, where steady pacing and energy conservation is key, each task in today’s workout is only visited briefly. What’s the strategy for this SICFIT trifecta, then…?

Sprint. Sprint up until the very end.

Rowing Machine Workout at CrossFit Scottsdale



2K Partner row
One athlete holds top of push up
PVC mobility shoulders
Hip mobility
LIFE: 1000 row + 400 run + 100 singles
FITNESS: 1200 row + 400 run + 300 singles or 50 doubles
SPORT: 1200 row + 400 plate  run 45/25 + 100 doubles + x3 burpee penalty for each miss