Kayyem Signature Series Tackles the Handstand Pushup


Programming for Thursday, August 29, 2013

Need a new perspective? How about looking at the world from upside down? Whether you are skilled handstand pushuper, or haven’t yet mastered the mechanics of inverted test of strength, coordination, and courage, tonights Kayyem Signature Series will help you become just as comfortable upside down as you are right side up! See you at 7pm for this free class!

hand stand

Walk small lap + run small lap x2
Lunge + run back
Side squat walk + shuffle back
Inch worm + pushup
Suicide run x3
Long jump + air squat
Down dog + up dog x5
Burpee x5
Walk/Water active rest
Develop heavy overhead squat
LIFE: 5-8 pvc/barbell Over
SPORT: 3. 2. 1 heavy
500 Meter row