FIT for the 5th FINALS!

Now that you got your sexy on at the Anniversary party last night, it’s times to refocus and get ready for the FIT for the 5th finals!! You came to the prelims, you worked out in class, so don’t miss the chance to see how much you have improved in 30 days!

This is the most exciting part of the challenge. It doesn’t matter if you win or not, you are VICTORIOUS no matter what because you showed up and you didn’t quit!

Buuut, because we like to have so much fun at SICFIT Scottsdale, we will be having prizes and goodies at the finals!!

If you are competing, you are strongly encouraged to bring a friend or family member to cheer you on. Let’s blow the roof off this place!!

If you are competing, but cannot make the finals and need to schedule a makeup time, please email

Don’t forget to recheck your scores at the bottom!

Fit for the 5th