Carrying the Weight of the World on our Back


Programming for Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The ability to carry a heavy load on our backs is a feat that ought not to be taken for granted. If we lived in a remote village, this ability would enable us to carry buckets of water from far away streams back to our family and neighbors. If a loved one, friend, or stranger collapsed and needed immediate medical attention, we would have the power to carry them to safety. This week’s WOW is about more than the number of reps we achieve, its about training our ability to carry the weight of the world on our backs, with a confident smile on our faces.


Max rep back squat
One minute rest
Max rep back squat
LIFE: #45/#35 barbell, then air squat
FITNESS: #95/#65, then barbell #45/#35
SPORT: Bodyweight back squat/ #3/4 bodyweight, then #135/#95


Stretch of the Week

To be able to carry the weight of the world on our back (and then squat with it), we must have efficiently mobile lateral hamstrings! Try out this stretch of the week, brought to you by FlexibilityRX, and experience the difference in your squats for yourself!