Turn Your Family into A Family of Beasts


Programming for Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Help establish a solid foundation of health and fitness in your kids lives by showing them how fun it can be to get stronger, run faster, and cheer for friends who are doing the same thing! The second session of the Lil Beasts Summer Camp at CrossFit Scottsdale is right around the corner, running from July 8th-12th, and registration is still open! Use up some of that summer-break free-time and give your family some new fodder for dinner table conversation… “I hate burpees!” “So did I!!”


1k row
Back squat 3:1:1
3-5 Rounds of…
LIFE: 8-10 Back squat + 5 burpee high jump + 7  hand release pushup
FITness: 5-8 Back squat + 7 burpee high jump + 10 hand release pushup
SPORT: 3-5 Back squat + 10 burpee high jump + 15 hand release pushup
2 Minute rest then…
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