SICFIT Workout of the Week


Programming for Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At SICFIT Scottsdale, we train to test.  The Wednesday WOW (Workout of the Week) will give us a regimented, goal oriented, and quantifiable way to measure our training efforts.  The beauty of WOW is that not only will we be able to track our personal results from week to week, but we will soon be able to see precisely where we fall within the ranks of SICFITTERS world wide. In our global community of like-minded, health-conscious, don’t-quit-till-the-job-is-done brothers and sisters, the SICFIT WOW will give us one more common experience to connect through, to support each other with, and to share in each others’ battles and victories.

8 Minute time cap
7 Rounds + In time remaining complete as many snatches as possible
LIFE: 3 burpees + 5 box step ups each leg + 7 jumping pull ups (55/35 snatch)
FITNESS: 3 burpees + 5 box jump 20″ + 7 kipp pull ups (95/65 snatch)
SPORT: 3 burpees + 5 box jump 30/24″ + 7 pull ups anyway (135/95 snatch)
* Score is total reps