The Only Gym in Town Where “Jerks” are Welcome!

Programming for Friday, July 12, 2013

Today’s Strength in Conditioning skill is the Split Jerk.  “Splitting” our feet to catch the bar in a deep lunge position decreases the distance that the bar has to travel over head.  Because of this, split jerking often allows athletes move heavier loads.  Check out this video by our very own Kawika Henderson to brush up on your technique before class today. This video is extremely informative, however please pay particular attention to the second half of the video where the split jerk is covered extensively.

50 Lunges + gym run
40 Lunges + gym run
30… 20… 10…
5 Rounds, 2 minute rest each round
Split jerk + Max effort hold: Tuck/L-sit/rings/parallets
LIFE: 8-10 jerks
FITNESS: 5-7 jerks
SPORT: 3-5 jerks
2 Rounds
500 Row +50 push ups