Muscle Ups: From Mystery to Mastery


Programming for Thursday, July 25, 2013

There are 101 different methodologies to condition the body to be able to perform the coveted muscle up. No matter how elusive this skill may seem right now, through practice all is possible. In todays skill portion of class we will be practicing on the rings to strengthen the necessary muscles for this movement, and to establish the essential motor patterns needed to turn the muscle up from mystery into mastery!

3x sets
Lunge + inch worm + leg swing + push up down dog/up dog
Ring work:
Row + false grip + muscle up transition + dips + tucks + l-sit
Work to heavy triple back squat
5 min AMRAP
LIFE: 5 Burpee + 5 box step ups each side 24″/20 + 5 hand release pushup
FITNESS: 5 Burpee + 5 box jump 24″/20 + 5┬áhand release pushup
SPORT: 5 Burpee + 5 box jump 30″/24″ + 5 hand stand pushup