Making Good Form a Good Habit


Programming for Friday, July 19, 2013

Being able to move a heavy load from a stationary position on the ground to above your head is a skill that can empower your life. The most efficient way to perform such a task is none other than the infamous snatch. One of the most technical movements in our sport, the snatch trains our coordination, balance, core strength, explosivity, and our mental focus and determination. Today in your workout, pick a technical cue that you need to work on and hone in on it. Turn good form from a mental focus into a motor habit. Olympic lifting is not about controlling the bar, it is about controlling your body to be in a good position around the bar.


Snatch progression DL/HP/PS/OH/SB
12 Minutes of:
EMOM 3 tough power snatch on odd minute
EMOM 7 burpee box jump/burpee step up on even minute
7 Rounds
LIFE: 7 Power snatch (55/35) + 30 single unders
FITNESS: 7 Power snatch (75/55) + 21 double unders
SPORT: 7 Power snatch (95/65) + 21 double unders