It’s Time to Level Up!


Programming for Tuesday, July 15, 2013

You’ve had your eyes set on it from some time now. You work hard to prepare for it week in and week out.  Now the time has come to put yourself to the test for a chance to wear the White Band with pride. Thats right athletes, in a mere 10 days the L1 Level Test will grace the 7pm hour, and those who have earned it will join the ranks of White Banded here at CrossFit Scottsdale. All of our athletes are welcome to test. Even if you still need to refine a few skills, taking the test will reveal where you need to focus your efforts in order to succeed next time around. We encourage everyone to come out and support our testers — they are going to need your encouragement to push themselves to the limit!

CrossFit Scottsdale Level Testing

1K Row
5 Rounds
LIFE: 8-10 Strict press + 5 burpee long jump + 7 hand release pushup
FITNESS: 5-8 Strict press + 7 burpee long jump + 10 hand release pushup
SPORT: 3-5 Strict press + 10 burpee long jump + 15 hand release pushup
*rest 2-3 minutes, then…
EMOM for 10 minutes
10 Wall balls on odd minute
10 Kettlebell swings on even minute