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Gut Health
As we all know, the gut is where you digest your food and where life-sustaining nutrients are absorbed. Therefore, maintaining digestive health is vital for life and both internal and external physical performance*.

In order to maintain optimal digestive health, however, it is necessary to maintain a healthy micro flora population. The normal healthy micro flora in humans perform multiple functions such as influencing the systemic immune system, balancing healthy vs. ‘non-healthy’ microbes, fermenting unused energy substrates, stimulating cell growth, producing certain vitamins, as well as enhancing absorption and storage of lipids.

Exhaustive exercise, severe emotional stress, drugs, chemicals and contaminants contained in foods, alcohol consumption, poor sleep, and local gut and systemic inflammation can adversely affect healthy micro flora. Additionally, diets and specifically a diet that is not a well-balanced plant-based whole food diet that includes enough calories to support daily activity, can also adversely impact gut micro flora health resulting in GI distress.

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Tendon and Ligament

Tendon & Ligament provides vital support for the 4 physical attributes all elite athletes require for success:

  • Stronger and more solid foundation*
  • Strong connective tissue*
  • Secure joint structure*
  • Increased elasticity*

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