Fuel Your Workout


Programming for Thursday

Getting through today’s workout of heavy lifting and full effort rowing is going to require a little extra gas in the tank.  One sure fire way to ensure that your tank is full is to maintain a nutrient-rich, energy-fueling nutrition plan.  So often people reason themselves away from healthy choices: “I work out enough, I don’t really have to worry about my diet.”  This logic couldn’t be more incorrect.  Implementing a diet that supports your training and your fitness goals is considered by many to be the key (nutritious) ingredient to actually achieving those goals.  You may have a car to get from point A to point B, but without the proper fuel you aren’t going to get very far.

SICFIT Scottsdale endorses a diet that is designed to help you run optimally at the gym and in your daily life.  This diet is the Paleo diet — rooted in the philosophy that humans should go back to their roots when making dietary considerations and eat like our cave-dwelling, paleolithic ancestors did.  Join us tonight at 7:30pm for Food as Fuel to learn more about how to successfully adopt this diet and to talk about the challenges and rewards of committing to this lifestyle shift.  Check out this article for the basics and bring your questions to tonight’s free seminar!

Paleo Lifestyle at CrossFit Scottsdale



5 Minute row @60%
5 Minute row: 10 seconds @100%, :50 seconds @50%
Barbell complex: deadlift/hang clean/front squat/push press/back squat
6x Reps of each, 3x sets
4x Reps of each, 2x sets
3x Reps of each, 1x set
1x Rep of each, 1x set
*1 working complex followed by  2-3 minute break. Increase weight each complex.
3 Rounds
2x Heavy back squats
100 Meters row @100%
1 Minute rest