Fortifying Strong Bones


Programming for Thursday, July 18, 2013

Did you know that the results from consistent training at CrossFit Scottsdale cultivates much more than increased muscle mass and a trim waistline?  Indeed, the weight-bearing and gravity-resitance activities we perform actually strengthens and fortifies our bones as well!  Our skeleton is the foundation of our body, and all of our physical activity. Non-concidentally, it requires healthy physical stressors to stay strong and healthy. There is even some evidence to suggest the regular fitness training can regenerate bone that has deteriorated over time.  After your workout today, give yourself a pat on the scapula for fortifying your skeletal foundation!


2 Minutes each: row/run/air/jump rope
Rope climb
Build to heavy 3 rep thruster
7 Rounds, 10 minute time cap
1 Rope climb + 11 kb swings
Level I prep:
15 Unbroken thrusters + 15 unbroken push press + 2 min max air squat (75/55)