Exclusive Coaching Client Michelle Plunkett

Michelle English Plunkett

My name is Michelle Plunkett. I am from Ft. Worth, TX however I have been in Scottsdale since I was 22. I am 35 years old, a housewife and a mother of 3 wild boys under the age of 8.

I played all sports growing up. It came very natural to me. I lettered in just about everything. I guess people would say my 2 best sports were golf and softball.

After having 2 boys I just felt like I was working so hard in the gym but couldn’t get the weight off. In 2009 I was introduced to CrossFit. I was doing more body weight than anything and  I immediately lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks. I kept doing it and had great results. In 2010 I was pregnant with my 3rd boy. I didn’t do a lot of exercise when I was pregnant. 4 weeks after I had him I got back into it and lost 40 more pounds in 10 weeks.

In 2012 I wanted to take my training to a new level. I had heard this guy Luke was the best and had most experienced gym but had never been in to see it for myself. Now it’s been almost a year and the results are incredible. Even people who see me everyday have noticed a change in my body.  I would never even think of doing a Competitive FItness competition last year and now that is what I am training for.

I have to admit I probably work out a little to much but it’s because I truly enjoy it. I train two days a week with Luke to work on high skill movements for my new sport Competitive FITness. I take 2-3 classes and do some bodyweight workouts from home plus I play 15-20 hours a week of Competitive Tennis.

My favorite move is the back squat and pull-ups. My least favorite movement is snatch and muscle up from the rings. My goal for 2014 is to make regionals as an individual, snatch over my body weight and connect multiple muscle ups from the rings. My life time goal is to remain fit and be a good mother and wife.

My 4 boys, including my husband are my life. We are a very into sports and fitness. My goal is for my kids to be like there father. He is an amazing person who is smart, sweet and fit.

I get upset with lazy people. I see people with handicaps training hard and that is such an inspiration to me. It drives me crazy when people say Oh I am too old and out of shape for something like that or I don’t have time. I also understand people struggling with food and alcohol. I do as well! The intense training helps me make better choices with my diet. Trust me I struggle with dessert and wine! Another thing that gets me is people sometimes say the girls are not very girley that compete in the “Sport of FITness”. I am as girley as it gets. Just ask the guys I work out with. I am always in a lulu skirt, jewelry and makeup.

Luke has really helped me these past 6 months. I am athletic so I try and do it my own way sometimes. He has corrected my form, attitude and old training ways. My recent *Personal Records  would be 210 back squat, bar muscle ups, and 5 push press at #125! pretty good for 120 pound woman. I encourage anyone and everyone to try the Strength In Conditioning program at SICFIT Scottsdale.

“Pedal Faster”
Michelle Plunkett