Don’t miss this Thursday morning’s workshop with Kevin Kula “The Flexibility Coach

Do you struggle getting your arms overhead and into the front-rack
position?  Are your hips chronically tight before AND after your
workouts?  If so, this workshop will show you the 8 key stretches that
will have the biggest impact on your squat, press, and recovery.  80% of
the results from stretching are in these 8 stretches.  Your CrossFit
workouts are all about efficiency – in your movements, and getting big
results in a small amount of time from your workouts.  Learn how
efficient and effective stretching can help your movements, recovery,
and help you set new ‘PR’s (personal records) in the gym.

*”*This is the closest thing I’ve found to a real, lasting, “silver
bullet” in 18 years in fitness– *Maceo Jourdan (CrossFit Maricopa Member)*FlexibilityTrainingatCrossFitScottsdale


“After a month of doing flexibility with Kevin I hit two PR’s in one
week in two different lifts.” — *Joe Atkielski (CrossFit Scottsdale Member)

“Stretching is actually part of the workout.I worked out five days this
week and I am not sore.” — *Sarah Sanchez (Ahwatukee CrossFit Member)*