Carlos Suescun from SICFIT SCOTTSDALE races in the IRONMAN

 My name is Carlos Suescun and I work as a physician hospitalist at Scottsdale Osborn hospital and also work for Serenity Hospice. My whole family: my wife, Veronique and my two kids, Luca and Natalia train here at CrossFit Scottsdale.  We love all of it and the workouts are awesome too! I believe that no matter what sport you practice, Strength In Conditioning will only make you better and stronger.  We enjoy being an active, fit, and healthy family.

I am lucky that my wife has learned a lot about nutrition and also that she is a great cook.  Our diet consists of lots of fresh vegetables, grains, fruits, fish, eggs, wholegrain pasta and breads, fish and poultry.   After a work out, I drink chocolate milk and I have a Lara bar.  During long rides or runs, lots of water, salt tablets, and gu gels. 
This past Ironman race was very hard but a lot of fun.  The swim was very intense with a lot of physical contact the whole time you are  in the water, this is what made it challenging.  Lots of people dropped out of the swim after only a few minutes.   Swimming in the ocean and looking at coral and colorful fish as you swim sure beats swimming in Tempe Town Lake!   The bike was very challenging as there are lots of hills and and the Hawaiian crosswinds will test your balance on the bike.   The run course was hot and humid, staying hydrated and cool becomes crucial to making it to the finish line. My motivation is just staying fit and healthy and having fun at the same time.   Racing brings a  whole new dimension to this.   It is fun and challenging to keep pushing yourself to keep getting better, stronger, and faster.