“The Wall”

Programming for Thursday, June 27, 2013

The wall.  We have all experienced it.  Its the point in a workout where every fiber of your being, every thought in your mind, and all of your common sense is begging you to stop.  At CrossFit Scottsdale, not only do we train to you to reach this wall, but we train you to get comfortable there. It only takes a few times of smashing that wall to pieces to know intuitively that no wall is too grand to come between you and the finish line.  Welcome that wall. Embrace it. Then laugh in its face and bash right through it!




Foam roll – ankle & calf mobility
A1 : Split jerk
A2 : Sit up
B : Burpee/row 1k/burpee
LIFE: Split Jerk 8-10 +  Arm swing sit up 8-10 + Burpee 10/1k row/burpee 10
FITNESS: Hands behind head sit up 5-7 + Burpee 20/1k row/burpee 20
SPORT: Strict toes to bar 3-5 + Burpee 20/1k row/burpee 20 + Max HSPU