Perfecting The Basics

 Programming For Friday, June 21, 2013

The intention with which we approach any workout makes all the difference in the world.  Upon your first entry into CrossFit Scottsdale, we tested you with the Baseline workout for time.  Recently, we have tested you again with the Baseline to see if your time has improved.  If you have been training consistently, it likely has. Today however, your task is to complete the Baseline workout while focusing all of your attention and energy on the quality of your from.  Your time may not improve (though perhaps it will!) but that is not the intention. The intention is to perfect the basics — only once we have done this can we excel in other areas.

“Baseline” for quality
A1. Thrusters (off rack)
SPORT: Heavy 2
FITness: Tough 5
LIFE: Hard 8
A2: 45 sec plank hold
A3: Jump rope max unbroken
SPORT/FITness: 50 Hand release burpees for time
LIFE: 5-7 Hand release burpees EMOM 5 minutes