Mighty Mud Mania was a HUGE Success!


25 of the finest CrossFit Scottsdale Students and Staff got up bright and early last Saturday to get down in the mud to help kids through the Mighty Mud Mania obstacle course.  These amazing volunteers fought the sun, the dirt, and the mud with a smile on their face the entire time!

A huge thank you to: Hallie Flood, Kelsey Frazier, Tiffany Temple, Nicole James, Nicole Miller, Emily Starrett, Bill Dittman, Brianna Diffie, Kelsey Graham, Nicolas Montano, Hannah Quinn, David Nguyen, CJ James, Allen-Mikel Armstrong, Morgan Frazier, Jaclyn Bobelick, Tom Hoogenboom, Austin Groen, Billy Cartee, Najla Kayyem, Klubo Fingai, Josh Hoefker, and Mary Arabyan for volunteering your time on Saturday!

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