I want to go to the CrossFit Games by: Austin Groen

“I want to go to the CrossFit Games”

That was my succinct response to Najla Kayyem’s general question, “What are your goals?” Although I didn’t know anything about CrossFit, or the grueling training that was necessary in order to actually accomplish my goal, I had already intrinsically committed myself to doing whatever it took to get there.

Shooting for the stars had never been my thing. Prior to SICFIT Scottsdale I had always been content with idly walking through life without ever aspiring to anything great. I was skinny, insecure, and certainly not badass by any means. However, shortly after becoming a member at SICFIT Scottsdale I quickly found myself craving to be something better than ordinary— to be the best I could possibly be. Najla and Luke adopted me into their family almost instantly, and I never wanted to leave. I was entranced by the hulking “fire breathers” tossing around mind-blowing amounts of weight like it was nothing. Watching people push themselves daily to their absolute limits while being cheered and pushed on by their surrounding classmates captivated and excited me. It was like the ultimate “self-betterment” institute and I wanted to be fully immersed in it at all times.

Looking back I couldn’t have possibly imagined the holistic benefits I would reap from doing CrossFit. I could never have imagined I would become the top athlete in the gym after only a year, or that I would win competitions. I also could have never imagined that by doing CrossFit I would acquire confidence, poise, and an applied dedication in all aspects of my life. I can honestly say that I am a better man thanks to SICFIT Scottsdale (can you say that about your gym?).


What makes SICFIT Scottsdale better than any other gym in the state? I could go on and on about the top-notch facilities or the “dialed-in” programming, or even the coaching. But what really makes SICFIT Scottsdale the best is the people.  In what other setting could your gym owner be simultaneously your second father, close friend and training partner? Luke Kayyem is that man for me. SICFIT Scottsdale is a home away from home for me, a place where I can just to hang out. It is a place where I can go to be pushed by those around me to be better than ordinary.

Although I am still far from my ultimate goal of going to the CrossFit Games, I could not be more excited for the journey ahead.

Basically what it comes down to is results, so here they are in numbers.
March 2012:

Bodyweight: 150 pounds

Squat: 135 pound

Overhead Press: 75 pounds

Bench: 155 pounds

Clean and Jerk: 115 pounds

Snatch: 85 pounds

Fran: scaled 9 minutes


June 2013:

Bodyweight: 183

Squat: 330

Overhead Press: 165

Bench: 265

Clean and Jerk: 265

Snatch: 230

Fran: 2:46


Thank you SICFIT Scottsdale for making me the best me I could possibly be.


“Show up don’t quit”

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