From Struggle to Victory


Programming for Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Pushing through moments of weakness is what training at CrossFit Scottsdale is all about.  It is not always the workouts that we crush to smithereens that progress us further in our fitness.  Rather, the workouts that nearly crush us to smithereens are the ones that that have the power to truly transform us.  If we show up, push through, and believe with every fiber of our being that we will perform better, faster, and stronger the next time that workout comes around, then our struggle today will become our victory tomorrow.

Down-Dog / Up-Dog
Push-up Sequence
Dynamic Movement
Back Squat
LIFE: x15 perfect squat
FITness: 8-10
SPORT: 3-5 30
10,9,8,7,6…… RX (55/35) 15 min
KB Swing
Games Push ups
Goblet Squats
Stretch 5 min