Fortifying Strong Backs

The health and strength of your back is the foundation for nearly every action you make in your daily life. We can think of our spine as a sort of “control center,” housing our central nervous system which connects each vertebra to every major muscle system and organ in the body. ┬áToday when you are deadlifting know that you are not only strengthening your back, but fortifying your entire life. Kudos to you!


Programming for Thursday, 20, 2013

Dynamic warm up -10 min
A1. Build to a heavy 5 rep deadlift
A2. x5 long jumps
5x rounds
5 Deadlift + 10 Burpees
SPORT: 275/185
FITness: 90% of A1
LIFE: 5 Deadlift + 5 burpees AMRAP 5 min