CrossFit Scottsdale Powered by: KAYYEM FITNESS Level Testing

In 2008 I created our very first FITness test inside a Wellness Center on 92nd and Shea with the idea that we needed more than a flat stomach and sweat to provide data that what we were prescribing to our students was working. Three athletes including myself set out to pass a proficiency test that would one day become the standard in our FITness program. After 5 years, a few tweeks and hundreds of athletes later  we now have 3 complete levels of training and an individual test to go with each one. LIFE. FITNESS. SPORT levels I, II and III. The level I test has a passing rate of 80% with most of the movements coming from body weight, basic barbell work and some gymnastics. The level II test is significantly more challenging with high rep pull ups and a 2 mile run to kick off the test, then challenging not only the Olympic lifts but using body-weights to measure strength and performance. Then finally a all out war in an epic battle against the clock and burpees, 50 in under 4 minutes to be exact. Athletes must pass all 3 pieces in order to receive this honor and those that do are granted the coveted “Orange band” at CrossFit Scottsdale. An honor that only comes when dedication meets desire and drive. “I’ve seen grown men cry after barely missing completion by 1 rep” which is why I am pleased to announce our newest member is none other than Christine James AKA “C.J”. She literally left  all 4 fellow male competitors in the dust on the run and was first to finish part’s II and III. Congratulations girl you are strong, beautiful and a pleasure to Coach. Those of you who are interested in level testing it has and always will be inclusive to our program and your membership. We alternate months between levels I and II with the level III scheduled as a bi-annual invite only test that has only seen 4 athletes complete and pass in it’s 4 years. We will be hosting the next level III on June 11th at 7pm. Be sure to bring your popcorn and lounge chairs this event is guaranteed to meet and surpass your greatest expectations. Coach Luke Kayyem

level 2 test May 30 2013