5th Annual CrossFit Scottsdale Jump Rope-a-Thon

Programming for June 24 and 25, 2013

Tie your shoe laces extra tight and stretch out those calves, ankles, and shoulders everyone because the much anticipated 5th Annual CrossFit Scottsdale Jump Rope-A-Thon has finally arrived!  Both today and tomorrow’s workout will be about so much more than just jumping rope.  With each swing of the rope and with each hop of your feet you will be helping an Arizona child find joy, health, and friendship through team sports.  At CrossFit Scottsdale we understand the profound impact that participating in sports activities has had on our lives, and we want you to help us give that gift to Children across our state.  All of the money we raise at the this super fun, family friendly event will go straight to the Arizona Baseball Charities and into the hands of youth sports programs that need it most!. You can choose to make a flat donation, or pledge to donate .01, .05, .10, or .25 per jump.