You Can Do Anything For 20 Seconds


Programming for Saturday, June 1, 2013

Who doesn’t love a good tabata on a Saturday? You can do anything for 20 seconds, so let’s resolve to give it our all each every time our coach yells “GO!”. Try and relax and rest as much as possible during the 10 second breaks — this will allow you recover more efficiently and be more explosive on the next 20 second round. This kind of work/rest transitioning is great training for our nervous systems — teaching us how to instantly turn on the power switch from a relaxed state, and how to relax fully right after intense stimulation. Happy tabataing, everyone!


A1.  Bulgarian Split Squat
LIFE – body weight (3×10)
FITNESS – Weighted (4×8)
SPORT – Heavy (4×4)
A2. Floor sprints – 25m AFAP
Tabata Mash Up X6
20 sec Ball Slam
10 sec Rest
20 sec Windshield Wipers
10 sec Rest
20 sec Partner Situps
10 sec Rest