Spread the Word to Spread Optimum Fitness


Programming for Friday, May 24, 2013

Do you have friends or family who are constantly complaining about their same old boring workout routine?  Or maybe you have loved ones who desperately need to get healthy, but need a little push and motivation to get started.  You have probably had several conversations trying to convince these people in your life to come experience CrossFit Scottsdale, knowing that once they give our gym a chance, they will be hooked!  Well here’s a great opportunity to give your loved ones the push they need — Tomorrow at 11am we are offering a free introductory session, detailing how to get started with CrossFit Scottsdale, explaining what we do and why we do it, and giving people their first taste of a CrossFit workout.  Spread the word to spread the benefit that CrossFit Scottsdale can bring to your friends and family who need it!

Jump Rope 10 minutes
PVC mobility
Snatch Progression
12 Minute Time Cap
7x7x7 Power Snatch
Box Jump/Step Up: 30/24, 24/20