Healthy Refreshment

By Najla Kayyem, Fitness Expert

CrossFit Scottsdale Owner, Coach and Mom


As the temperature rises, so does the temptation to grab a refreshing, yet unhealthy beverage. Iced sodas, sugary smoothies, adult beverages, sports drinks and numerous other options surround us. What’s the best bet to quench your thirst and what is better left in someone’s else’s refrigerator?


  1. Energy Drinks: Read labels carefully when it comes to energy drinks. In most cases it is best to avoid them all together as the sugar and caffeine wreak havoc on your caloric intake and cause a serious “crash” afterwards. Like most highly caffeinated beverages, they’re easy to get “hooked” on, but difficult to drop.


  1. Sports Drinks: Surprisingly most “sports” drinks are horrible for athletes. Many have high sugar content and low nutritional value. Many parents mistakenly think they are offering their children a healthy beverage to ward off dehydration, when in fact many sports drinks provide empty calories and little hydration.


  1. Coconut Water: Not all coconut water is created equal. An extremely popular beverage right now, I recommend “Real Coconut Water.” You can find it at Whole Foods or Crossfit Scottsdale. It tastes great, provides great hydration and a nutritional boost. Freeze it for a sweet, yet healthy slushy after a workout or on a hot afternoon.


  1. Water: Think you are safe with water? Not anymore. Too many marketing executives have been messing with Mother Nature’s perfect recipe. There is a wide variety of flavored, sweetened and even antioxidant waters that sound harmless but contain surprising amounts of sugar. Diligently read labels before letting yourself or your children drink potentially harmful “waters” all summer long.


The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is to make informed purchases. Read labels, reviews and recipes to check for calories and sugar content. Many fruit drinks marketed to kids are worse than soda, and healthy sounding beverage names are often just a marketing department’s stretch of the imagination.


Have questions about specific beverages or want tips to keep yourself and your family hydrated this summer? Check with Najla and other nutritional experts at CrossFit Scottsdale –