Garrett Holt

Thank you SICFIT Scottsdale for your Kids Program!

When we started coming to SICFIT Scottsdale as a family in November 2011, neither of my kids had ever been involved with any sort of organized exercise program. Well, a year and a half worth of SICFIT Scottsdale Kids Classes has provided both my kids (now = 7 year old boy and 5 year old girl) with way more strength, stamina, coordination and confidence than could have been possible otherwise.

For example, my son Garrett was only 5 when we started and, like most of us when we first start performing FUNctional movements, he struggled with some of the movements. Specifically, he was nowhere close to being able to do a basic air squat.   Now, fast forward a year and a half and these are pictures of Garrett playing catcher during a couple of his recent little league games.

Garett Holt

He is the only catcher in his entire division who actually gets into and holds the catcher’s squat for every pitch – all the rest of them start off kneeling or are kneeling after one or two batters.  Garrett LOVES being the catcher and this simply would not have been possible without the SICFIT Scottsdale Kids Program.  Garrett and his best friend Kanon are already making plans when Kanon is pitching for the Yankees and Garrett is the catching for the Orioles – big dreams that Garrett never would have started dreaming if SICFIT Scottsdale hadn’t enabled him to be his best.

You help so many people change their lives for the better, even those that are too young to appreciate it. On behalf of my entire family we are eternally grateful to you.

John Holt