FlexibilityRX Workshop with Kevin Kula

Are you getting the most out of your workouts? FlexibilityRX™ is a system of flexibility training that is specific to the sport of CrossFit. Learn specific stretches that address movements like the squat or the front rack position and turn your flexibility into performance!

Kevin is the Director of the CrossFit Scottsdale Flexibility Program and holds Five CrossFit Coaching Certifications.  Kevin studied with the top stretching, joint mobility, and manual therapists in the world – Chris Frederick (Stretch to Win), Structural Integrator Tom Myers, and CrossFit Mobility Expert Kelly Starrett.  Kevin is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer, Teacher (Stretch to Win) and Business Owner (Ready State Fitness). Kevin has written two articles for the CrossFit Journal, “Moving Beyond Muscle” and “MbM p2: Flexibility Training for CrossFit”.  In 2013 Kevin is publishing a book based around his system of Flexibility Training for CrossFit – and is launching a Digital Magazine, “FlexibilityRx™” – initiating a conversation with the top strength and conditioning experts about the interplay of Flexibility and Strength.

Please join us at CrossFit Scottsdale on Saturday, May 9th from 1-3pm for this workshop. To sign up, please click here or call us at 480.922.3253.