5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should CrossFit

Believe it or not, schools all across the country are willing to sacrifice the health and wellness of our children for extra “class time” by threatening the extinction of recess and physical education. In a recent article published in the New York times, a study was performed by the Institute of Medicine, a unit of the National Academy of Sciences, connecting exercise and physical activity to success in education rather than more sedentary classroom time.

1) Students who exercise have lower body fat, greater muscular strength, and better cardiovascular and mental health.

2) Children who are more active are better able to focus their attention, are quicker to perform simple tasks, and have better working memories and problem solving skills than less-active children.

3) Children who are physically active also perform better on standardized academic tests.

4) Active children tend to have stronger performance, especially in reading and mathematics.KAYYEM KIDS

5) Benefits of exercise during the school day outweigh the benefits from increasing class time

It is recommended that children participate in some form of physical activity for 60 minutes a day. Physical education needs to be part of the core learning curriculum in schools and in a child’s daily life.

At CrossFit Scottsdale, we are constantly striving to teach our community’s youth about health and fitness so they can be the best they can be. We want them to be able to carry what they learn within our walls into their schools and into their futures.

We are proud to offer CrossFit Kids and we encourage children as young as 3 years old to be apart of this program. We teach them basic motor skills, developmental skills and nutrition. From 3-18, we continue to educate them and give them the tools they need for health and success.

To read the article in its entirety, please click here. If you are a parent and you are interested in the benefits that exercise and CrossFit Scottsdale has to offer to your children, please call us as 480.922.3253 or email info@CrossFitScottsdale.com.