Mind > Matter


Programming for Tuesday, April 30, 2013




Training at CrossFit Scottsdale isn’t about coming in first in a workout for time, or getting the highest number of reps during an AMRAP.  Though these accomplishments feel great and are worthy to strive for, training at CrossFit Scottsdale is about showing your mind that your body is much more capable that it sometimes gives you credit for — and then training the mind to know this instinctively, day in and day out at the gym.  CrossFit Scottsdale training isn’t about training the body. It is about training the mind to yield to and support what the body can do.

1000 m Row
A1. Front Squat — build to a heavy single in 10 minutes
A2. 21 Situps — after each front squat attempt
B1. HSPU Progression (inverted, box, bench, wall, free standing)
B2. 45 second plank hold after each set/attempt
Burpee High Jumps
LIFE – 5 EMOM for 7 minutes
FITNESS – 7 EMOM for 7 minutes
SPORT – 10 EMOM for 7 minutes