Mary Arabyan

At 165 lbs., I wasn’t just overweight, but in pain due to poor nutrition and stress. I put everyone before me, because I wasn’t important. What I wanted or felt didn’t matter. I knew something had to be done, for the sake of my children, but what? I didn’t know where to start, I was too shy to join a gym, didn’t know what diet changes I should make, etc…
Long story short, I started making little changes in my diet, controlling my portions, and went out for an hour walk every day. That walk turned into workout DVDs, then to a gym membership, which then turned into personal training sessions. I made a huge improvement, but was still very far from reaching my goal weight or physique.
One year later, we made a move from California to Arizona.  It was the hardest thing being away from my parents and my sister, but I knew God had a plan for me. Every day I would go the gym to clear my mind, exercise was my therapy.  After about 6 months of living here, I hired a personal trainer who not only helped me make healthier choices but helped me find myself again. I knew what I wanted and it mattered now, and most importantly, I started to love and respect myself again. Exercise and clean eating became my lifestyle. PhotoGrid_1366491294511
As if all these changes weren’t hard enough, I got injured, hurt my lower back; doctors told me it was a herniated disk, and was told to stay away from the gym until my back and core are stronger. (How do you strengthen any area of your body without exercise? I don’t know…interesting doctors out there today. I was told not to run, jump, lift weights or be in a sitting position for more than 20 minutes at a time. At first I followed the doctor’s advice, but came to understand that that didn’t heal anything and it sure didn’t make me happy, the fear of going back to where I was frightened me. No matter what anyone said, my gut feeling was different. I wanted to get out there and run, I wanted to lift weights, go hiking and do all the things I love doing with my boys. It just felt the right thing to do, because my faith was stronger than my fears. So, I went back to the gym, exercised 4-6 days a week and continued eating clean. The pain comes and goes but I have more better days than bad days, so I make the best of it.
At 120 lbs now, I finally feel comfortable in my body and am the happiest I’ve been in the longest time. I’ve ran two half marathons, (because someone once said I can’t run), had a blast at a couple of mud runs and surprised myself with how strong of a woman I am. My next goal was to join CrossFit!
On 6-1-2012 I joined CrossFit Scottsdale and did my baseline workout with finish time of 6:38 –which at the time was great! I’ve since started doing personal training with Coach Erin, who is amazing! I love the fact that she has a list of my goals and every time we meet we work on those goals. CrossFit makes you better at everything!  I love my CrossFit Scottsdale community, we’re all family here, and one person’s success is everyone’s success.  Two weeks ago, I re-did my baseline WOD with a finish time of 5:10! Special thanks to Najla Kayyem and Coach Erin for celebrating my success like no other and for steering me in the right direction. I’m forever grateful!  Having never given up, which is very easy to do when you’re in constant pain, this is how I got to my ‘Now’ picture, and the reason why I’m not saying that’s my after photo is because it’s not! I train like there’s no finish line; I don’t think I’ll ever have an ‘after’ photo, because my goals are endless and I am not a quitter! I can surely say I’m now a good example to my boys as they deserve a healthy role model. – Mary Arabyan